Course NameDurationEligibilityAdmission
SIDDHI (NEET/11th +12th)Two year classroom program10th to 11th moving students"CYGNUS" Scholastic Aptitude Test
RIDDHI (NEET/12TH)One year classroom program11th to 12th moving students"CYGNUS" Scholastic Aptitude Test
VIJAYA (NEET)One year classroom program12th Pass students"CYGNUS" Scholastic Aptitude Test


1. Gurukul Program (Classroom + Self Study)

Under this program we provide a well-structured teaching and studying environment for students for whole day (9 am to 9 pm). Following this program students get various benefits –

2. ESOS (Every Student Observation Sheet)

Under this program, individual observation sheet of every student is made by the faculties. In this sheet every topic of all subjects is listed and checkbox of every topic is monitored and evaluate by teachers in order to get strong and weak points of every student.

3. Mentor Program

Under this program a group of students is assigned to a mentor who monitor them whole year and interact with them and parents regarding their progress and solve individual students every problem and motivates them. Benefits of this program

4. Bridge Course

Under this course before going to deep concepts of subject, we make bridge of basic methods that students have learned in lower class in order students understand better and clearly for long period of time. Specially for NEET students we cover basic of maths so they don’t get any difficulties to understand the concept of physics because as HC Verma said “Mathematics is the language of Physics”.

5. Learning Map

Learning Map Various Flow Chart prepared by NEET toppers.

6. Test Series

A well-structured and competition-oriented test series is made by experienced teachers, so that students can learn exam temperament and can analyse their mistakes and improve them.

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